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The US women “never fail to make our country proud — on and off the field,” Joe Biden, the former Democratic vice president who leads Trump, a Republican, in polls ahead of next year’s presidential election, wrote on Twitter. Then she stirred it up again when she scored against England, celebrating with a tea sip. Instead, the team determined Canning has a phenomenon that’s even more unusual – Riddoch syndrome, in which a blind person can consciously see an object moving but can’t see the form itself.

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Will we also get the chance to see Honduras’ new jerseys? Arsenal forward Alex Iwobi said when he saw the Super Eagles’ new jerseys. They stormed into the scene in 1998 with a third-place finish in France with red and white checkerboard pattern across the entire shirt, nigeria jersey 2022 paired with blue shorts. There are still more kits to come as the tournament approaches, including the uniforms from the rest of South America, as well as Costa Rica and Panama.